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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wrong Entry (Part One)

     Sometimes we happened to do things that we were not supposed to do without realizing it until it was too late to back off .  Consequently, we had to face the circumstances, sometimes they favoured us, at other times we had to face the music.  Then, we would smile whenever we reminisced it.  This was what I faced when I was  pursuing my first degree.

     At the university where I studied, the faculty block was a four-storey building with two restrooms built in at every level, one for the ladies and the other for the gentlemen.  These rooms were situated at the far north and the far south of the building.  The restrooms for the gentlemen and ladies at every level were situated alternately.  If the ladies' was placed at the north on level one, the gents' would be at the south.  Then, at level 2, the gents' would be at the north, and the ladies' would be at the south.  And so on.  We, the students, used to wander from one room to another for our lectures, which made the situation a more complicated.  Therefore, the nearest restroom to our lecture room would be the ladies' at one time and the gents' at another.  For that reason, a man who wanted to use the restroom needed to make sure he did not enter the girl's toilet and vice versa.

     There was once when, while in the middle of a lecture, I suddenly felt the urge to ease myself.  I thought I could hold it until lecture was over, so I stayed put, but the inclination to pee became greater and greater.   I puffed and grunted, cold sweat trickled down my spine, my palms became clammy.  In the end, I could stand it no more.  Eventually I got up and walked briskly to the lavatory nearby, meeting no one along the way.

     I entered the clean lavatory.  In front of me were two rows of toilets, obviously had recently been cleaned.  I got into the first one and started to ease myself.  While hard at it, my eyes devoured the graffiti that filled the door.  It was clear that the students not only satisfied their physical needs in the toilet, but also their sexual emotions on the toilet doors and walls with obscene graphics and scribblings.  I read the dialogues one after another enjoying the message that came out of it.  

     Suddenly, I sensed that something was wrong.  The dialogues were written by females, I was very sure.  I began to wonder whether I had entered the wrong lavatory.  If I had, there would be a big row if I was found out.  Every body would poke their fingers at me.  My lecturers; Madam Sarimah Yusof, Madam Rosila Manap, Dr. (cute) Azizah our course moderator, Dr. Najib.  Tch, tch, tch...

     Just then I heard the sound of the sole of shoes on the tiled floors in a steady rhythm that seemed  to me that the owner knew of my presence and was determined to find me out bring me to the authority for violating human rights; a man in a ladies' toilet!  I felt my heart beat fast.  Oh God, what should I do?


N.Laili A.Wahid said...

U should just smile... s u r on candid camera!!! :)

Borhan Mohamed Dali said...

Course I was, at that time. Har har har...