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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Siti Suaidah

     Thank you Siti Suaidah, for becoming one of my followers.  While the news is still warm, congratulations to you for what you have got recently.  Hope you will achieve your dreams to continue your studies.  Hope you'll graduate as a 'Doctor'; PhD!  To the rest of the Form Sixers, congratulations!  To the juniours, strive to excel, follow in your brothers and sisters' footsteps.  Try to reach the stars!

Siti Su'aidah, in blue 'tudung' standing behind the 'handsome' guy in blue 'baju melayu'

    Here are some pictures taken when the whole bunch went to their teacher's house during Hari Raya 2010.
Siti Su'aidah, a cuppa...

Sweet eighteen!
1 Malaysia
Gourmets at work...  Eh, where're the boys?
Ah, here they are. Almost perfect gentlemen
I wonder where they are going after this...
Wo ai nee!


aku adalah aku said...

aha...tq sir..insyallah i will further my study till the PhD,if there is no obtacles...and mybe i'll become one of the MUET teacher in SMK TENGKU MAHKOTA in the future....who know....=)

Borhan Mohamed Dali said...

You're right. Come, join us. Har har har...

aku adalah aku said...