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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Is She?

     The first time I met her, she was twelve years old.  Wearing a scouts uniform, she was walking alone along the gravel path under the cool canopy of rubber trees, obviously homeward from school.  She stepped aside to let us pass, little did she know that we were heading towards her house under a hill which was by that time, already not far away.

     The second time I met her was as soon as I became her brother-in-law, nine months after the first meeting.  After that I didn't count how many times I encountered with her, because it was not important.  Currently she is married to a teacher with three darling angels, the second who two weeks before this article was written got 5A's in an important exam.  Now, the encounter is still not important but I recall just because I wanted to write something about her.  You may wonder why and who.  Why?  Because I want to express my appreciation to her for monitoring my blog.  Who?  Guess...

     Recently, she got the chance to read my postings, and appreciated it.  Me too. I would like to thank her for reading my blog.  I hope she will not stop here.  As what I wrote in my posting on November 27, she, like other readers, boost my spirit to write and share my fond memories with the world when I got to know that my stories are read.  Who is she?

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