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Monday, December 6, 2010


     Recently, I heard an advertisement on my car radio.  The short advert that was presented in an easy manner was a little bit humorous but at the same time contained a very effective message. It was in a form of dialogue (of course, it's a radio, not a TV) which went more or less as follows:

A:     "You don't look cheerful nowadays.  What's the big deal?"

B:     "Just thinking about my life.  I feel like in a box."

A:     "Why?  What's your problem?"

B:     "My house is like a box, at home, I feel like I'm in a box.  When I got in the car, I feel like I got into a box.  when I got into the office, I feel like I got into a box."

A:     "Don't worry.  When you die, you'll be in a box."

B:     "What d'you mean?"

A:     "You'll be in a casket!"

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