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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Mother's Love

     (Before writing this article, I would like to thank Tn. Hj Hassny for commenting on my posting.  I didn't realize that when I posted the malay version, it was already 'Mother's Day'.  Therefore, Hj Hassny's pledge is very relevant.  While our parents are still by our side, always face them, look at them (God Al Mighty has promised us, and He said is always true).  Talk to them nicely.  Treat them nicely, shower them with tender care and love, just like we treat our children.

     Just like looking at the quran and Ka'aba, we Insya Allah get 'pahala' just for looking at our parents.  What if we 'look after' our parents with gentle care and love?  Insya Allah we get a lot more if we are sincere.  Some people say, 'if we look at our parents' picture, we still get 'pahala'.  Wallahu a'lam bissawaab.

     Recently I was listening to radio Malaysia 'Klasik Nasional' while driving back to Muar from Segamat.  the Disk Jockey at that time was Hamami Yusof.  A few listeners called the radio and recited some poems praising their mothers.  (It was 'Mother's Day', remember?).  Some of the callers were emotional; in fact, a few were sobbing when talking about their mothers. But what attracted my attention most was a call from a mother.

     This unfortunate mother was very sad as her daughter (whose name she claimed as Norafikah bte Omar but called her by her nickname 'Adik') had left home without any news.  She only said

     "I'm going away, don't look for me.  I won't come back, although if you d*e!" 

     The caller promised that if her 'Adik' came back,

     "I would embrace her tight, passionately.  I miss her and long to look at her face before I closed my eyes for good"

     Dear 'Adik', return to you momma before it's too late.  Forgive and forget.  Bury the spade.  Don't regret.!

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